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Stress: What to Look For

You’ll learn about how stress can affect your thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and the symptoms it can cause. Stress can affect your mental and physical health.

Find out more below to learn more about symptoms caused by stress.



  • it’s hard to concentrate on what you’re doing
  • it’s hard to make decisions
  • forgetting things more than usual
  • thoughts are running through your head all the time


  • feeling irritable
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • getting frustrated easily by things you used to cope with
  • feeling like you’re stretched to the breaking point

Physical Signs

  • feeling dizzy and lightheaded
  • appetite or sleep changes
  • feeling exhausted and worn out
  • feeling nauseated
  • headaches and/or tension in the back and neck


  • you’ve stopped doing activities that are fun or important to you
  • you’re using alcohol or other drugs to cope with stress

Symptoms can range:

  • from mild to really bad
  • in how long they’ve been going on
  • in how much they affect your life

Worried about a friend?

Friends are often the ones who notice a change. To learn how to support a friend, see Helping Others: For Friends.​

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