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Alcohol and Other Drugs

Harm Reduction Tips

Using drugs to get high always has risks and it’s easy to put yourself in danger. Teens and young adults who have mental health concerns have the highest risk for harm.

Did You Know?

Teens and young adults who mix different drugs at the same time have a higher risk for drug use problems.

Even though there are risks, some people do experiment and use different drugs. If you choose to use drugs, here are some tips to help you stay safer:

  • If you’re offered drugs, be careful. If using for the first time, only take a little and wait to see how it affects you.
  • Watch how other people act, but remember that everyone reacts differently to drugs.
  • Know your dealer instead of buying from a stranger. But, remember even your dealer may not know where the drugs came from and what is in them.
  • If you decide to get high, make sure you’re with people you trust and that they know what to do if there’s an emergency.
  • Don’t use drugs regularly.
  • Find out about drugs before you try them.
  • Plan your drug use instead of using drugs spontaneously.
  • Don't share needles, pipes, or any equipment.
  • Don’t drive while you’re high.
  • Don’t use drugs with alcohol or other drugs at the same time.
  • Take a break from using drugs.

There are resources to help you cut down on your drug use or quit...

Making educated decisions about drug use can help prevent it from being a problem in your life. Understanding the effects of drugs and the risks of drug use can help you:

  • make an informed decision about whether or not to use drugs
  • make safer decisions about using drugs
  • lower your risks when using drugs

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