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Facts About Psychosis

  • Psychosis is a medical condition that affects the brain.
  • It causes the person to lose touch with reality.
  • The first episode is usually seen in teens or young adults.
  • Psychosis affects males and females equally.
  • About 3 out of 100 people will have an episode of psychosis in their lifetime
  • Psychosis is seen in all cultures and social and economic groups.
  • Using drugs can place young people at risk.
  • Having a relative with psychosis or schizophrenia puts a person at more risk of psychosis.
  • Not everyone experiences psychosis the same.
  • Psychosis can be treated and a person can recover.

Psychosis is Not

  • caused by bad parenting or being poor
  • caused by some failure of yours
  • a split personality

When young people have trouble coping, it can take it can show itself in many ways. Anxiety, depression, and substance misuse can often be signs the person is having trouble coping. But it could also be psychosis.

Psychosis can be treated and a person can recover. For more information about psychosis, visit the resources section.

Getting help as early as possible is important. Check out the Psychosis Self-Care Resources page.​

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