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Youth Addiction and Mental Health


Stress is when there’s a strain on your ability to cope with all of the demands on you.

Understanding what can trigger stress is an important first step in learning to manage it. If you're stressed, take a moment to think about what's going on in your life and what’s causing the stress.

Stress can happen when you have:

  • big changes like moving, changing schools, graduating, or starting college/university
  • deadlines at school or work
  • conflict with friends, family, or co-workers
  • relationship problems
  • da​ily hassles like getting stuck in traffic, missing the bus, or being late
  • health problems or a friend or family member does
  • lots on your mind (e.g., worrying too much)
  • high expectations on yourself or from someone else
  • trouble balancing school, work, family, and your social life
  • not been working and are looking for a job
  • money problems​

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