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Youth Addiction and Mental Health

Helping Others

Helping Others

You may be feeling like something’s not quite right with a teen or young adult you teach, coach, or interact with as part of your job. You may be wondering if it’s just a phase or if they need some help for an emerging mental health concern. At you can learn more about some of the common concerns teens and young adults may face, what the early signs are, and learn how you can connect the young person with support, if needed.

Start by learning more. Youth Addiction and Mental Health - offers information about what to look for and what may be happening when someone is affected by depression, anxiety, body image or eating problems, substance use (alcohol and drug) problems, or psychosis.

The Information will help the young person better understand what's going on for them and connect them with the support they need.

Let them know you’re worried about them.

You can:

  • tell them about the website and encourage them to check it out
  • print off the topic(s) you believe could be going on for them
  • let them know that you’ll support them as much as they need or want

You'll also find links to self-care resources. Please share them with the person you’re concerned about and, if needed, offer to help them build their skills. The website also has information about connecting to community resources.

The good news is that addressing emerging issues early can help prevent mental health concerns from getting worse and affecting the person’s life.​

For more information, visit Self-Care Resources.​

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