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Depression: What to Look For

Learn about the thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and physical symptoms often seen with depression.

Find out more below to learn more about the symptoms of depression.



  • think that you’re worthless or a failure
  • blame and criticize yourself
  • find it hard to concentrate or make decisions
  • have negative thoughts about your life and the future
  • think life isn’t worth living


  • feel down, unhappy or low a lot of the time
  • feel guilty (even over little things)
  • lose interest or pleasure in activities
  • fee​l numb or “empty”

Physical Signs

  • appetite and/or weight changes
  • tired all the time; no energy
  • feel restless
  • sleep more or less than usual or just stay in bed all day


  • not doing as well at school or work
  • withdraw from friends and family
  • cry a lot
  • get irritated or annoyed with others
  • find it hard to get motivated to do anything
  • not taking care of yourself as well (like not combing your hair or wearing dirty clothes)

Symptoms can range:

  • from mild to really bad
  • in how long they’ve been going on
  • in how much they affect your life

Not everyone has the same symptoms or has them at the same level. Knowing what symptoms to watch for and getting help can prevent problems from getting worse.

Worried about a friend?

Friends are often the ones to notice a change. To learn how to support a friend, see Helping Others: For Friends.

If you want to learn ways to deal with symptoms of depression, check out some of the self care resources.​​​

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