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After COVID-19

Self-care: Managing your energy

Managing, saving, or conserving your energy all mean finding ways of doing daily tasks with as little effort as possible. This is important as you recover, because you may feel more tired than usual. Planning your activities, pacing yourself, and dec​iding what’s important to you are all ways to help manage your energy.​

What are some ways to manage my energy?

The following links give ideas for being careful with your energy as you recover from COVID-19.

What tools can help me manage my energy?

There are many pieces of equipment or tools (called assistive devices or adaptive equipment) that can help you manage your energy. These include:

  • tools for grooming and dressing
  • tools for daily chores
  • tools for getting around
  • adaptive equipment like a 4-wheeled walker, bath seat, or raised toilet seat with arms

Learn more about assistive devices that may help you save your energy during recovery.

Many communities have programs that let you borrow equipment for a short time. Ask your healthcare provider about how to borrow equipment short term, if you think you need it. You can call the AHS Rehabilitation Advice Line if you need help with finding or borrowing equipment. See the resources section for more.​​​​​​

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