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After COVID-19

Symptoms: Coughing

Coughing is common after having a respiratory (breathing system) illness like COVID-19. You may have a dry cough or a cough with mucus (productive cough, ​which is how your body tries to get rid of mucus). It’s hard when you can’t control your cough, and it can make you feel very tired.

There are things you can try to help control your cough so you feel better. These include controlled coughing and lying in different positions to help drain mucus from your lungs.

Go to the following links to learn these techniques and more ways to help control your cough:

If your cough is making you feel short of breath and you're wheezing, a doctor or healthcare provider may prescribe an inhaler to help with your cough. Learn more about inhalers by reading What is an inhaler?​​​​​

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