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After COVID-19

Self-care: Getting back into a routine

After COVID-19, you may not have the same energy you did before. Everything you do takes energy, and everyday tasks can take more effort than before.

When you’re ready, try getting​ out of bed, getting dressed, a​nd getting back into a basic routine. This will help you recover. It will also stop deconditioning. Deconditioning is a term for when you lose strength and fitness after not moving for a while, like when you’re sick in bed. It is important to try to start doing things as soon as it is safe; the longer you are in bed for all or most of the day, the more strength and fitness you lose, and the longer it will take to get it back.

Basic routines include:

  • washing your face
  • brushing your teeth
  • getting dressed
  • going to the kitchen for meals
  • putting on pajamas at bedtime

​Doing these everyday tasks is good for your muscles, energy, heart, lungs, and mood. Go at your own pace. It’s OK if getting out of bed and getting dressed is all you have energy to do that day.​​

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