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Your Incision


It’s normal to be worried about seeing your incision for the first time. You can reach out to your healthcare team, family, or friends to talk about the changes you see.

It’s important to check your incision(s) every day, especially during the first 2 to 3 weeks after surgery. It’s normal for the surgical area to be a little swollen and bruised at first, but that will go away in a few weeks.

There may be firmness under the incision. You will notice this “healing ridge” for many months. It will soften over time.

If your incision has Steri-Strips on it, leave them on. As the incision starts to heal, the Steri-Strips will start to curl up at the edges. You may trim the curled edges carefully with scissors that has been cleaned with soap and water. Leave the rest of the Steri-Strips on until they come off on their own or your surgeon tells you to remove them. When removing them, gently peel each end toward the middle until it comes off. You may find the Steri-Strips easier to remove after you shower.​

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