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Breast Cancer Surgery

Your Journey Through Breast Cancer Surgery


This information is for men and women having surgery for breast cancer. It covers your journey through breast cancer surgery. You will learn about:

  • How to care for yourself before, during, and after surgery.
  • Different kinds of breast surgeries.
  • How your same-day surgery will take place.

Breast surgery in Alberta is a same-day surgery, so you’ll come to the hospital and go home (be discharged) on the same day. Same-day surgery is safe and most people prefer to recover at home rather than in the hospital. Your surgeon will consider your health and living arrangements to make sure it’s safe for you to go home the same day of your surgery. In special cases, you may need to stay in the hospital overnight.

If you have questions that are not answered, ask a member of your healthcare team.

If you have any urgent concerns, call your surgeon’s office.

We ask that you bring this information and a support person to all your health appointments. This information is available online in this topic; Your Journey Through Breast Cancer Surgery.​​​

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