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What is Palliative & End of Life Care

Who is it for?

"It's not just for cancer."

Palliative and End of Life Care for Non-Cancer Illness

People can live for many years with a chronic disease. Palliative and end of life care gives extra support at all stages of a chronic illness, not just near the end of life. This type of care works with​ people's family doctor and specialist as they're being treated for chronic illness. It helps to give people the best quality of life possible so people and their families can live a more settled and peaceful life.

Living with a chronic disease can be harder some days than others. People may need to be in the hospital for a short time, and it can be tough on people and their caregivers. Sometimes medicine can help treat a chronic disease, and sometimes other therapies are a better choice. Palliative and end of life care helps people with chronic diseases to look at their options. It focuses on people's comfort, no matter what health problems a disease may cause. Care teams work to:

  • treat symptoms using medicine and other therapies
  • help people feel more positive
  • help with fears and anxiety
  • show what community supports are out there
  • teach about care options
  • make sure all caregivers know what the person wants and needs
  • explain how the health ​care system works

Learn more about some of the issues that people with chronic diseases face, and how palliative and end of life care can help.