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What is Palliative & End of Life Care

How to get it?

If you’re thinking about palliative and end of life care, don't wait for your doctor or family members to bring it up. Talk to your family and health care team in an open and honest way. Deciding on your wishes and sharing them can help ease your mind and make your final days more peaceful.

  • Write down any questions you have about ​palliative and end of life care to ask your doctor at your next visit. Ask your doctor to ​go over options with you and explain the risks and benefits of each.
  • Think about the kinds of treatment you want or don’t want. Your doctor will ask you questions about what’s important to you and the type of care you want​. Your answers will help give everyone a clear idea of your care wishes.
  • Talk to your family and tell them what you want. You can also write down your wishes so that everyone will know them in case, later on, you can’t speak for yourself. In Alberta this is called a Personal Directive.
  • Tell your family and doctor what you decide so they can help carry out your wishes.

Find out more about Advance Care Planning and Goals of Care Designations at​​​​​​​​​​​​​