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What is Palliative & End of Life Care

Talk to your health care provider

Que​stions Your Healthcare Team May Ask

Treatments aren't the only way to deal with a life-limiting illness. You may choose to focus your care on feeling as comfortable as possible instead of trying to treat your illness. Here are some questions that your healthcare team may ask to find out what's important to you.​

  1. What do you know about your illness and how your health is now?
  2. If your illness got worse, what would your goals be for your care and your quality of life?
  3. What are your fears for the future?
  4. You may need to make some difficult choices during your illness and care. Are there any trade-offs or compromises you'd be willing to make (e.g., be sleepy with less pain, or more alert with a bit of pain)?
  5. What would a good day be like for you?

You have many options for palliative and end of life care for more information visit: