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After your stillbirth

Care of your baby

Each family has unique wishes and requests for the care of their baby after a loss. Your healthcare team will work with you to support what is important to you. Their goal is to respect, recognize, and support your personal and cultural beliefs, values, and practices.

Choosing a name for your baby can help your baby become “real” for you, your friends, and your family. Let your healthcare team know your baby’s name if you do choose one.

There are some care decisions that you (and your partner or support person) will need to make after a stillbirth. These will include:
  • whether or not to have an autopsy
  • deciding on a  ​burial or cremation
  • deciding if you wish to take your baby home for a period of time before the burial or cremation
Ask your healthcare team about memorial services and programs in your local area. In some hospitals, bereavement or memorial services for babies who are stillborn may be offered.​

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