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Growing Up Online

Online pornography

 Young people

Pornography has become easy to get in today’s world. Children often see pornography for the first time before they’re sexually active. But if you’re exposed to pornography while you’re young, the images can be hard to understand. You may also not have the life experience to understand what you’re seeing.

It’s important to understand the different types of pornography and where they’re found. This can help you and your family make better decisions about what you look at online.

“I believe that when technology is used positively, its effect is largely more positive than negative. I have used it to reach out for support, and I received what I asked for. At the same time, I have found the opposite of support online.

The largest or most important benefit for me is the resources it provides me to help me cope with anxiety. I receive hourly reminders to ground myself and take a breath. In another way, it’s become a contributor to my anxiety…when it’s important for me to… have the least amount of stimulus as possible. ”

– Sarah, age 13

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