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Bariatric Surgery

Preparing for your surgery

To have the best chance for a good outcome after bariatric surgery, you’ll need to make lifestyle changes and keep them for the rest of your life. These changes aren’t easy to make when you’re used to living a certain way. So it’s important to start making lifestyle changes and practise healthy habits before you have bariatric surgery.

Part of making a change is to practise and learn from the times that a change has gone well or not as well as you planned. The time before surgery is a good time to practise lifestyle changes:

  • eating well
  • being active
  • finding ways to manage your stress
  • quitting smoking
  • getting more sleep
  • keeping track of your progress in a journal

You may have already tried to make lifestyle changes to help you manage your health and weight. Keep those healthy habits. Some of these changes may be new habits for you, but you’ll need to make them after bariatric surgery.​​​

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