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Bike and Small Wheeled Recreation Safety

David’s Story

​​​​One summer day David was riding his bike in a park, like so many kids do every day. David was not wearing a bike helmet. He rode over a pile of rocks and lost control of his bike. He fell sideways, hitting his head on the concrete ground.

Young David following accident 

That’s how easy it easy to hurt yourself. David was lucky. Even though the fall caused a bad head injury, he now leads a normal life working in education.

David as an adult

He is a strong supporter of using helmets and helmet laws. He always wears a helmet when he rides his bike. David would like you to learn from his experience and always wear your helmet while riding your bike.

You have one brain—PROTECT IT.

No Helmet. No Bike…It’s the law!

Take Smart Risk.

​Always wear the gear, including a helmet, when biking.

Current as of: February 13, 2018

Author: Provincial Injury Prevention Program, Alberta Health Services