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Bike and Small Wheeled Recreation Safety

Carmen’s Story

​I never thought it could happen to me…

I was biking to summer school on my new road bike and was hit by a bus!

My friend and I had traveled this route a few times before, so ​I was confident in swerving to the other side of the road to avoid a busy intersection up ahead. That day, there happened to be a bus coming up beside me and I didn’t shoulder check enough to notice. My friend told me the bus was going the same way as I was and just clipped me on my side. I fell and hit my head on the pavement. I was unconscious for about a minute and then got up and asked what happened. Someone called the ambulance.

All I remember of that day is biking about half a block and then waking up in the hospital and seeing my Mom. My Dad actually arrived about an hour earlier and apparently I nearly drove him crazy asking the same questions over and over again. “What happened? Where am I? Where is my friend?” I couldn’t seem to retain the information.

Thankfully, the CAT scan didn’t show any injury and after a few hours I was feeling better.

A week later I was pretty much back to my old self after experiencing a concussion, road rash and some sore muscles. My parents are keen cyclists and always insist that the entire family wear a helmet when cycling.

I know what happened could have been a lot worse. I am very thankful I was wearing my helmet!

Words provided by Carmen Rebel – cyclist

Take Smart Risk.

Always wear the gear, including a helmet, when biking.

Current as of: February 13, 2018

Author: Provincial Injury Prevention Program, Alberta Health Services