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Organ Transplant

Patient Education Video Series

​​​​​​Watch these videos to learn more about living donation, and the living liver donation process in particular. You will also find out more information about the Islet cell transplant program and whether an islet transplant is right for you.

If you or your loved one is waiting on the transplant list, you’ll learn about what you need to know while waiting, and what to do if you receive a call to say an organ is available.

Introduction to Living Organ Donation

By becoming a living organ donor, you can save a life. Alberta has Living Donor Programs for Liver, Kidney & Lung. This video will introduce you to the Programs and help you take that first step in becoming a living donor.

Living Liver Donation

You can improve someone’s quality of life by donating a portion of your liver. Learn about becoming a living liver donor. This video talks about the testing required, the surgery, the risks and benefits of becoming a living liver donor and the recovery period.

Islet Transplant

Do you have questions about islet transplant? Do you wonder if you would qualify for an islet transplant? These videos will help you understand what an islet transplant is, the risks and benefits of having an islet transplant and the follow up required.​

The Islet Transplant Program: Information and Process

Learn what an islet transplant is. Find out what to expect during the work-up phase prior to the transplant.

The Islet Transplant Program: Procedure and Follow-up Information

Knowing what to expect when you receive an islet transplant can help reduce anxiety and make you feel more comfortable. This video will help you to understand what the risks of the procedure are and learn what the routine follow-up is when you go home after your transplant.

Welcome to the Transplant Waitlist & Receiving the Call for a Transplant

These videos are intended for patients who are waiting on the solid organ transplant list. Depending on the organ that you need, some of this content may not apply to you.

Welcome to the Transplant Waitlist

What do you need to know while waiting for an organ to become available?

Receiving the Call for a Transplant

What do you need to know when you receive the call to tell you that​ an organ is available?

Current as of: July 5, 2019

Author: Transplant Services, Alberta Health Services