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Know Your Breasts – Breast Health and Breast Cancer


The best medicine is being around people. ​Breast health is part of your health and well-being.


The following topics contain information for women and men who want t​o learn more about breast health, breast diseases, and breast cancer. We also have information to help you find breast problems early, prevent breast probl​ems, and get support.​​​

​Breast He​alth​

​​​​​​ Breast Cancer Prevention and Screening

There are different tests used to look for and diagnose abnormal changes to the breast. Tests include breast imaging like mammograms and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) that use pictures and biopsies that remove small samples of cells or tissue from the breast.​

​​​​​​ Breasts and Pregnancy
Find information about breastfeeding including the benefits of breastfeeding and pumping and storing breast milk.

​​​​​​ Breast Conditions
Not all breast problems are related to cancer. Learn about breast conditions such as fibroadenomas and papillomas, br​east pain, and knowing your breasts.​

​​Living With Breast Cancer​

​​​​​​ Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Staging
Breast cancer starts when breast cells become abnormal and start to grow out of control. Find out information about breast cancer including the causes and symptoms.​​

​​​​​​ Treatments
Find out about treatment for breast cancer including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and hormone therapy, and the side effects of treatment.

​​​​​​ Support
Having cancer can change your life. Learn ways to cope with a cancer diagnosis, sexuality, fertility, and managing stress.​​

Your Journey Through Breast Cancer Surgery

Your Journey Through Breast Cancer Surgery is for men and women having surgery for breast cancer. It covers your journey through breast cancer surgery.​

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