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Intermittent Self-Catheterization (Female) Learning Module

Welcome to the intermittent self-catheterization (ISC) learning module. This module is for you if you have trouble emptying your bladder. It will give you general information on how to do ISC.

ISC is a way of emptying your bladder using a thin tube called a catheter. The catheter is put into your bladder to help drain the urine (pee) out completely. Intermittent means you do ISC “from time to time," usually at regular intervals throughout the day.

This learning module will help you to:​

  • Learn how the bladder works.
  • Understand what ISC is.
  • Know why you may sometimes need to do this procedure.
  • Learn the steps to do ISC.
  • See the benefits of ISC and how it can improve your life.

Note: If you are having trouble emptying your bladder, talk to your healthcare provider. You should talk with your healthcare provider before you try ISC on your own.